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Project: Workspace Tutorial - Using Company Conferencing Resources

This infographic guides staff members through using conferencing resources. The instruction is inserted into an interactive module asking what the viewer would like to do. The solution they arrive at is determined by the answers given.

Blue Jeans conference instructions.

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Problem and Solution

A new conferencing system was made available for staff members. It was important to educate the users while keeping the number of ticket requests low.
I determined that teaching staff members through readily available material would help address these two issues. I remained conscious of the user role, as moderator or participant, while guiding through the conferencing process.


I first learned how the conferencing system worked. I enlisted the help of staff members and colleagues to test different scenarios as both moderator and participant. This gave me valuable experience to help guide others through the conferencing process.
I created a step-by-step flow asking the user required questions regarding connection options. The flow was further designed and refined to guide the user based on the answers they give.


The idea started with hand drawn sketches and flow charts capturing the guided tour of what was required to connect to a conference. After a few iterations, it was presented and delivered as a refined infographic.

Blue Jeans conference instructions.


I used Adobe Illustrator to create the initial infographic poster. Following the poster, I thought it would be a fun project to carry it further. I used Articulate 360 to build it into an interactive module, including actors, to give it a more personal feel and keep the viewer more engaged.

Experience the module here!

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