"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one"

Go Above and Beyond Developing Content

Welcome to my online space where you will get to know a little about me and what I do.
You will find samples of my work accomplished over the years.

What I Bring

I passionately dive into developing a wide range of material and deliver effective products that enable people to improve their skills, accomplish goals, learn something new, or even crack a smile. As a life long learner, I have years of experience creating and handling educational material, instructor led videos, web sites, branding, and other creative content in real-world scenarios.

Recent Projects

Camera Basics

It is often difficult to understand the basics of using a camera for photography. This guide looks to give the viewer easy access to simple universal camera settings explaining three main Must-Knows for taking better photos. The easy-to-use menu contains bite-sized chunks of information to prevent cognitive overload in an already tedious activity.
Responsibilities: Create assets in photoshop, create storyboard and flow, develop project in Articulate Storyline

Steps to Find a New Job

This scenario-based walkthrough guides job seekers through different things to do to help find a job. The suggested steps are inserted into an interactive module asking what you, the viewer, would do in the given situation. The result is determined by the choice made.
Responsibilities: Create assets in Illustrator, write storyboard in MS Word, develop project in Articulate Storyline

Boot Camp Videos Cover image of computer screen displaying video with javascript code.

To satisfy requests to include extra examples in Full Stack Web Developer online courses, the goal was to show the current week’s examples used in different ways other than the primary reading examples. Instructor-led videos were created to show simple alternative examples used, in real world scenarios.
Responsibilities: Write JavaScript in VS Code, Video capture, edit in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Photoshop

More Projects

Create Word Document - Text/Images Image of computer screen displaying how to create word document module.

Using basic Microsoft Word functionality can be challenging. Delivering two ways to learn, interactively or video walkthrough, this module teaches how to add text and images to a document. Learners can choose a preferred way to view the material.
Responsibilities: Storyline authoring, Photoshop asset creation, Adobe Premiere

Tort's Law Micro-Sample Image of computer screen displaying  torts law informational material

Teaching Tort’s Law is essential as part of a larger course on laws. To be successful, it is necessary to teach three acts that give rise to injury. This module uses visuals with brief description to engage the learner and make better association with the content.
Responsibilities: Storyline 360 authoring, Photoshop asset creation

Visual Guide to Basic Photoshop Image of computer screen displaying Photoshop tutorial.

Learning the basics of industry standard Photoshop software can be challenging. Using visuals for higher learner engagement, this module identifies several basic tools that have remained largely unchanged throughout the existence of the software.
Responsibilities: Storyline 360 authoring, Photoshop editing

Company Conference Resources Image of computer screen displaying man explaining conference room resources.

Teaching how to use company resources is a challenge. This module is created to walk employees through using newly installed Conferencing services. The instruction is inserted into an interactive module, for a learn-by-doing approach, asking what the viewer would like to do. The outcome is determined by the answers a viewer gives.
Responsibilities: Rise 360 authoring, Illustrator asset creation